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As you may know, this event is being held in honor of two very special men. Please join us in remembering the great times Gene and Jered shared with our family and the mule community.

Celebrating Jered and Gene

HMD 2022 was another great success.  Sunday's weather caused some issues so we decided to move the Volleyball Tournament and Dog Races to the next weekend.

2022 Harrison Mule Days

After having to take off a year for the pandemic, HMD 2021 proved to be the event that everyone was looking forward to.  Beautiful weather, large crowds of spectators, and great competitors headlined this years event.

2021 Harrison Mule Days

Unfortunately, this year's event was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

Hope to see you all next year.

2020 Harrison Mule Days

HMD 2019 was a record year for sure! We are guesstimating that approximately 70 Longears were on the grounds. We also had record numbers of spectators thru the gates.

We appreciate all of you-mule days isn’t possible with out the competitors, vendors, sponsors, volunteers and spectators. Together we have raised funds to be able to award 8 scholarships this year. 

2019 Harrison Mule Days

Another successful Mule Days.  A number of new vendors, spectators, and mule riders joined the festivities for the first time.   A huge Thank You to all of the participants, spectators, sponsors, vendors, and volunteers.

2018 Harrison Mule Days

Finally, the weather we have been waiting for.  With beautiful blue skies all weekend, this year's Harrison Mule Days was everything we had hoped for.  A huge Thank You to all of the participants, spectators, sponsors, vendors, and volunteers.

2017 Harrison Mule Days

Once again, the rain tried to slow down the event, but this year we fought through it.  Despite a few rain delays, we managed to complete all of the mule events.  The Dog Water races was enjoyed by the largest crowd to date.

2016 Harrison Mule Days

Unfortunately, the rain did not stay away in 2015.  We held out as long as we could, but the mule events for this year were cancelled.  We did manage to salvage some great times though.  The band played and the live auction was a hit.

2015 Harrison Mule Days

The rain held off just long enough Friday evening for the schedules events to take place. Sunny and breezy conditions helped to dry the arena for Saturday and Sunday. Another great turn out.

2014 Harrison Mule Days

The fantastic weather brought out more competitors and spectators than ever. Gorgeous sunny skies and above average temperatures helped to make this perhaps the largest Harrison Mule Days to date.

2013 Harrison Mule Days

The weekend started off with fantastic weather for Friday evening and most of Saturday. The wind, cold, and some rain tried to slow the fun on Sunday, but participants, spectators, and vendors would not let that happen. Thanks to all for another great Harrison Mule Days.

2012 Harrison Mule Days

Weather wise, this was the coldest and rainiest Harrison Mule Days yet. However, the spectators, vendors, and participants braved the conditions to ensure another successful weekend.

2011 Harrison Mule Days

Despite the massive amounts of rain leading up to the weekend, the winds dried out the grounds, the skies cleared, and the sun shined all weekend long.

2010 Harrison Mule Days

Once again, Harrison Mule Days was a great success. Despite a little rain on Friday, the weather was very pleasant and all of the competitors and spectators enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

2009 Harrison Mule Days

The 2nd Annual Harrison Mule Days was a great success. Once again, the weather cooperated and all of the competitors and spectators enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

2008 Harrison Mule Days

The inaugural Harrison Mule Days weekend was a great success. Folks came from near and far to celebrate and enjoy the company of friends.

2007 Harrison Mule Days

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